GE + Intel = E2

GE and Intel have created a whole new way of partnering. It’s a whole new way of designing, making, using, keeping things running, and improving outcomes. The partnership is based on a powerful message that understanding what’s good for business can and must be good for people, and the environment.

The power of 1%

Together, GE and Intel considered... What if we could be 1% more efficient within any piece of our one trillion Dollar industry? The savings would be enormous.

It started here

It started by creating an intelligent lighting platform for smart manufacturing by integrating energy-saving LED lighting, IoT Technology from Intel, and GE’s Predix cloud-based platform for the Industrial Internet. The platform is used to monitor operations to improve accuracy in production for machines such as gas turbine components.

The path to productivity starts with right light.

Next, GE and Intel developed an intelligent lighting system for their offices, which drives efficiencies and analytics. This helps both companies and all their campuses save energy, save money, reduce CO2 emissions, and enhance worker productivity. The sensors in the lights help adjust the lighting based on how many people are present, or turn the air-conditioning down for comfort.

Harnessing the power of heavy machines

In an Industrial Internet world of manufacturing, data collected from manufacturing tools and processes is gathered by a device with embedded Intel compute power, so that the device can act as both a mini-computer to do real-time calculations on the spot, and send data to the Predix cloud. All these processes are accumulated on the Predix platform, which gains instant visibility on all operations, predicting when parts need to be replaced and helping make the process more efficient. It’s high tech supercomputing that is saving money and resources - and we’re just starting to realize the outcomes that this unique partnership will have.

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